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Pupils of Abolato primary use cement blocks to study

Abolato Primary School in the Bolga East District in the Upper East Region needs government intervention as pupils sit on cement blocks and on the bare floor to study. According to Citi News report sighted by GH BREAKING NEWS, the school authorities have stressed that the current situation is negatively impacting the quality of education. Due to that they have called on the government to provide them furniture quickly in order to solve the current situation facing the school. 

Due to government’s inability to pay the contractor, the six-unit classroom which was constructed in 2014, the structure has remained uncompleted. The structure, which is only roofed does not have windows or chalkboards, and the dirty floors expose pupils to some health hazards. The pupils, who sit on the bare floor to study use cement blocks as benches and tables. Some pupils who shared their sad ordeal to Citi News called on the government to complete the school and provide them with pieces of furniture. 

A pupil said “we sit on blocks for our lessons and we are unable to write well and the blocks always make our uniforms dirty and sometimes tear them. We want the government to cement our classroom, fix the windows and give us furniture." Another pupil added that “we are sitting on cement blocks, we don’t have learning materials and our uniform is dirty, and we want the government to complete our school and give us furniture.” The headteacher of the school, Charity Apasinaba, in an interview with Citi News indicated that, the situation is impeding teaching and learning as well as enrollment.

“All stakeholders are aware of the situation of the school, as you can see the children are sitting on blocks writing and teaching and learning are not going on well.” She appealed to all stakeholders, the Member of Parliament and the Bolga Municipal Assembly to help complete the building and provide furniture for the pupils. Madam Apasinaba also expressed worry at the declining enrollment of the school due to the current situation.

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