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National cathedral to cost government $100m – Felix Kwakye Ofosu claims

A former deputy Minister of Communications, Felix Kwakye Ofosu, has claimed that the proposed national cathedral by government will cost the state about $100m. Kwakye Ofosu said he got the amount from various news report he read, and called on the government to provide the exact amount if what he mentioned was wrong. “Well, I read it in several news items… If it is wrong they should take the opportunity to tell us how much it would cost. I don’t want a penny of my taxes to go into the National Cathedral, but I am Christian too,” he said.
He registered his displeasure with the move by the government to provide seed money for the construction. According to Felix, the amount could be used to build an ultramodern district hospital which would cater for the health needs of thousands of people, rather than spending it on the cathedral which would serve the purpose of only a few.
He added that former president John Mahama spent Ghana’s money wisely by building hospitals and schools, and though he could build a cathedral, did not see the sense in doing so. “That National Cathedral I hear is costing the state around $100m. That can put up an ultramodern district hospital which can render health services to tens of thousands of people. When John Mahama was President and he had money, he built hospitals, he built schools, he could have also built a cathedral,” Felix complained. According to him, the decision to build the national cathedral is a waste of resources, as the funds to be provided by government could be used in improving the country’s infrastructural deficit. He explained that there are some already existing churches like Pentecost and Lighthouse, in the country with large sitting capacities to cater for whatever event government intends to host. Kwakye Ofosu also accused Akufo-Addo of deliberately appealing to the emotions of Christians and other people he described as “religious fundamentalists” for votes, with the construction of the national cathedral. Meanwhile, the minister of finance, Ken Ofori-Atta, during the 2019 budget presentation revealed that government also intends to hold a fundraiser for the national cathedral construction work. In a related development, Ghanaians have been angered with photos of beautiful buildings which were being demolished to pave way for the construction of the national cathedral.

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