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Man catches wife red-handed in bed with student (Video)

It is not every man that will act like this Zambian man who caught his wife in bed with a student.

The man reportedly caught his wife, who also is a student romancing with a male student at her 
dormitory in Solwezi, the capital of the North-Western Province of Zambia. A video which has gone 
viral saw the student crying while the well-built man standing calmly as he questions him. 

Due to the man’s mascular physique many thought the man would have pounced on them but this man remained calm in the room. The man didn’t only remained calm but requested for privacy by closing the door when a crowd gathered at the entrance of the said dormitory as some people started filming the development. Meanwhile, what is more shocking about the entire incident was the posturing of the adulterous woman. As if she is lifeless, she is seen lying on the bed unconcerned, appearing to have absolutely nothing to do with the scandal.

Not too long ago, a junior pastor of Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi's Glorious Wave Chapel International, Pastor Nana Appiah was allegedly caught in a sex scandal. According to reports making rounds on social media, Pastor Appiah, popularly known as Biblical, was caught in bed with a married woman.

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